Top 5 Skills Writers Need to Feel Good

Being a writer can be a lot of work. You will need to work many hours at times and you will probably feel very tired after writing and researching about the same topic for a while.

The good thing is that there are some skills that can truly help a writer feel better about their job and be a lot more productive. Here are the top 5 skills that a writer needs in order to feel more productive and excited about your work.

  1. Being adaptable

A very important skill that will help a writer not panic at everything that comes their way is adaptability. As a writer, you will be asked to write about all sorts of topics and in many cases you might not be 100% familiar with what it is you’re writing. read more

All Is Not Yet Doomed

I really wanted to try this turn-buttons-into-earrings craft over the weekend.  Reading the post, it seemed like something that couldn’t end in a trip to the emergency room even I could do.   So, Friday after work, I went to the A.C. Moore Craft store; despite the fact that Friday night shopping trips almost always lead to some sort of fibromyalgia episode for some reason (possibly built-up exhaustion from the work week added to an hour or two browsing on my feet), I was enthusiastic and in good cheer. read more

Better To Deal With The Devil You Know?

I know I left things sounding pretty dire the last time I spoke about my home refinance situation.  I’ve been meaning to make note of the resolution here for a while but then I also didn’t want to jinx anything.

I made a deal with the devil parents.  I know it’s not an option everyone has and to be honest I really tried to exhaust every other option first.  Let me tell you a story or two…

When I went to college, my middle class parents made too much money for me to qualify for any financial scholarships and even though I was an Honors Student in high school with an excellent GPA and a semester of college Freshmen English completed during my final semester, it wasn’t enough to overcome the advantage of having parents who were well-salaried even if I wasn’t and didn’t want to be associated with their dimes. read more

Becoming The Better You

Over the weekend, I spent some time going through my rather long list of Read It Later bookmarks and I happened upon 100 Ways to A Better Life by Dragos Roua of Brilliantly Better.  Quite a few were either good reminders or wake up calls for me.

I’ve been allowing one of my co-workers to push my buttons lately and I don’t know what frustrates me more, that there are buttons to be pushed or that I allow it to happen.  I absolutely hate wasting my energy on him and his drama; I’m so tired of drama.  Last year I decided that I was just going to “be in the moment” and take a lesson from the Beatles to “let it be”.  I decided right around this time last year that I wasn’t going to let anyone make me miserable; other people are welcome to their judgements and opinions but in the end, only my opinion matters to me.  I can decide to be happy and I can decide what or who affects me. read more

Can’t You Just Print It All Out?

I’ve been researching backup options for my laptop recently.  This, of course, has gotten me thinking a lot about all of the horrible scenarios in which data can be lost, but it also reminded me of a funny story.

Many of us in Gen-X are all-to-familiar with having to break their parents and grandparents into the 21rst century technology of computers.  Most of us spent some part of our teen years or part of our 20-something years (or if you have a particularly determined parent like my mother, your 30-something years) attempting to train older members of your family to use their VCRs, e-mail, cell phones, word processing software, and so on. read more

Let’s Talk About Budgets, Baby

I’ve been working on this whole budget plan thing for a couple of weeks now and I still don’t feel any further along than I was when I started.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m an intelligent person.  I can grasp the very basics:

Income – Expenses >= 0

I mean, I did study accounting in college and I do have a programmer’s logical mind.  Plus, I was a math minor.  I get the most basic part of the concept.  Really, I do.

However, I just don’t think my brain is wired right for easily latching on to the complexities.  For instances, most books and examples out there all offer up examples of income that is the same amount and dished out on the same two days every month and most of the expenses are fairly simple and fixed every month; a few of the examples might show the occasional expense that might be paid quarterly and they all usually show groceries and dining out as unpredictable.  Clearly none of us eats exactly the same thing day after day and no one is stupid enough to pretend to make the assumption in a sample budget even. read more

Tiger Woods Plays Golf; He’s Not Negotiating World Peace

Am I the only person in the world who couldn’t care less what is going on in Tiger Woods’ personal life?  Am I the only one who thinks that it’s none of my business?

I mean, it’s not like he’s mis-using taxpayer (your and my) money to make out of town/state/country trips to see “call girls” and mistresses. He’s not some hypocritical lawmaker preaching morality legislation while getting caught propositioning gay prostitutes in airport men’s bathrooms nor is he running for President and having a love child with his publicist while his wife recovers from cancer or something like that. read more

Nightmares – Er – Tales of a Spendoholic (Episode 1)

Last night I saw an advertisement for something I could use.  It doesn’t really matter what It is.  Let’s just say that if It functions as advertised, it would make me look nice and probably boost my self esteem as a result — basically, the next best thing to magically making me a Supermodel overnight. :P

Anyway, It was one of those special deals with “order now” and “get this extra thing free” plus “get this other thing half price”.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  You’ve wanted one of those before.  You may even have ordered a few.  The whole thing was very seductive.  If you called right then, you could get the whole special deal.  (How do the sales people know when those advertisements are running really?) read more

My Heart Aches For Dead Actors

I still remember the day River Phoenix died. I was in love with him, of course. O.K. I didn’t know him enough to love love him, but I loved the thought of who I thought he was.

And I remember the day he died quite clearly in my mind.  I came home from dinner with friends and heard on the late night news about his untimely and at the time mysterious death.  I remember the devastated, crushed ache of my young early twenties heart.  As time went on, all I could think about when I heard his name or saw one of his movies was what a terrible waste his death was — all that fantastic talent gone in the blink of an eye, snuffed out because of stupidity. read more