Becoming The Better You

Over the weekend, I spent some time going through my rather long list of Read It Later bookmarks and I happened upon 100 Ways to A Better Life by Dragos Roua of Brilliantly Better.  Quite a few were either good reminders or wake up calls for me.

I’ve been allowing one of my co-workers to push my buttons lately and I don’t know what frustrates me more, that there are buttons to be pushed or that I allow it to happen.  I absolutely hate wasting my energy on him and his drama; I’m so tired of drama.  Last year I decided that I was just going to “be in the moment” and take a lesson from the Beatles to “let it be”.  I decided right around this time last year that I wasn’t going to let anyone make me miserable; other people are welcome to their judgements and opinions but in the end, only my opinion matters to me.  I can decide to be happy and I can decide what or who affects me. read more