My Pug Wants To Know If Twizzlers Are Vegan

I’ve been trying to eat healthy since the beginning of the transition, but I’m starting to realize there are a few comfort foods that my pug and I are going to miss over the next year.

For example, Loki is just nuts about strawberry Twizzlers, has been since he was a puppy.  They aren’t even safe in the house; I have to keep the bag in a Tupperware or Rubbermaid container on a high shelf with a lip (because the cat will knock it off the shelf just to see the dog get in trouble if he can get into it).  In fact, when I have to go out of town without him (which makes me really sad :( ), I actually buy him his own bag of Twizzlers and take the time to cut up treats for him and put them into a ziploc baggie to leave with whoever he is staying with. read more

Vegans & The Sugar Debate

Nothing is more confusing than trying to figure out “the rules” about sugar and sweeteners where vegans and vegetarians are concerned.

I’ve spent the weekend surfing the web, reading forums, opinions, papers, theories, and so on, regarding the ethics of why we shouldn’t eat table sugar or its derivatives (cane sugar is processed with bone char) or why we shouldn’t be so picky (but beet sugar isn’t) or why it’s better to be safe than sorry (you can’t tell from the packaging label which one you are getting); I’ve seen websites that go on and on about how Splenda has been tested on animals by one of the worst abusers of the animal testing labs but I’ve also seen Vegetarian recipe sites full of Spenda recipes.  Some people say to stick with natural sweeteners like agave nectar and maple syrup but others say they wouldn’t dare put that in their coffee. read more