7 Safety Tips to Cut Baby’s Nails Easily

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7 Safety Tips to Cut Baby’s Nails Easily

Most of the parents are scared of clipping baby’s nails. It is quite simple to understand that they can make a possible wound if they do not know how to use an infant nail clipper accurately and control the clipping process.

Some parents will ignore clipping baby’s nails while others probably cut the nails because they recognize that nails can scratch their baby face and this is a perfect place for growing many germs, bacteria, and viruses. Well, all parents need to do is that knowing how to trim baby’s nails safely.

1 – Take their hands at your eye level  

Take baby’s nails with a board are the easiest and safest method to cut their nails. However, you should spend much time to undertake. Furthermore, you should be careful to get their nails under the clipper.

Select a suitable board for infants is quite important as it influences on their skin. For example, you should not choose a metal nail sheet as it might be too solid for their skin.

2 – Choose the right time to cut their nails

The best times to trim baby’s nails are when they are sleeping and after bathing as their nails are softer and you enable to easily cut.

Please keep in mind that you should clipper their nails when they have a deep sleep. If not, you can cut their skin as well when they are awake or they do not have a good sleep.

3 – Use an available infant nail clipper

You should keep a baby nail clipper firmly first. It is quite difficult to control the clipper as it is smaller than the adult clipper.

Before trimming, you could ask for help from another person to support you keep baby’s hand if you are not confident to trim baby’s nails by yourself while you clip. Find a great position that supports you easily reach the nail-cutting task.

After that, you should slowly push the fingertip back from the nail to increase space for the clipper. By doing this, the clipper cannot cut to their skin.

For toenails, you could trim their nails straightly through the shape of each toenail. You continue to keep one hand or a foot while clipping another one. Do not forget to use a nail file to file some rough edges gently after clipping.  

4 – Clip their nails in the light space

Never clip their nails in the darkroom or in the low-light space as you probably cut their fingers, toes, and skin!

On the flip side, you can wear glasses to see their nails and the beginning points clearly before cutting.

5 – Avoid biting their nails

Some people think that baby nails are soft enough to bite instead of using a nail clipper. However, you should avoid this method as many germs and bacteria probably live in their hands and their nails. At the same time, they also have microbes and these will transfer to your mouth.

What’s more, biting their nails can cause injury to their toes and fingers. Sometimes, you might get a wound in these positions.

6 – Make them do not pay attention to the trimming process

In case you clip their nails when they are awake, then you should try to amuse them. You can sing a favorite song and let them pay attention to their loved toys are a great idea to distract them while clipping.

Moreover, you enable to talk to them and make a joke are also incredible methods that many parents apply.

7 – Solve the “cutting their skin” issue

In case you cut their skin and have a wound, you should use a sterile gauze pad to cover the wound to stop the bleeding. Then, you need to add the antibiotic cream to the wound and evade using bandages as they feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes, they can take their entire hands to their mouth, so you should not bandage the wound.

Additionally, you must not take their wound finger to your mouth to bleed the injury because this will make many microbes for both of you.  

Final Words

Clipping baby nails is a daunting task indeed for your baby; especially when they often get their whole hands to the mouth. Your baby can wear the gloves to avoid this frequency and prevent their nails ought to scratch their face, eyes, and skin.

However, you also need to trim their nails regularly to decrease various microbes in their hands and toes. Please carry in mind that you should not use an adult clipper or use a scissor to clip their nails as you probably cut their skin and the whole finger or toe as well. After using an infant nail clipper, you need to store it in a drawer or a safe place.  

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