How CBD helps with insomnia

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How CBD helps with insomnia

The effect of hemp on sleep has not yet been fully studied, however, the results of scientific studies suggest that the plant has a relaxing effect and therefore helps fight sleep disturbances. In this article, we will examine how cannabinoids affect the psyche, and what advantages they have over traditional sleeping pills.

How cannabis affects sleep?

The scientific community focuses mainly on the two cannabinoids that are found in hemp: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Therefore, we will talk about the effect of plants on sleep using the example of these two substances.

CBD reduces anxiety, relieves pain and soothes. Due to these properties, cannabinoid prolongs sleep and improves its quality. CBD relieves emotional stress, so it’s easier for a person to fall asleep, and he goes deeper into the dream. In large doses (from 100 mg per day), cannabidiol can cause drowsiness and a feeling of fatigue, so it is recommended to take it in a small dose for sleep disorders.

According to the results of clinical trials, THC normalizes respiration during sleep, so it is used in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (respiratory arrest, usually accompanied by snoring). Tetrahydrocannabinol also affects the duration of the sleep phases: it shortens the duration of the REM sleep phase and increases the time of the slow sleep phase. Because of this, a person decreases the number of dreams, at least those that he remembers. THC helps get rid of the nightmares that plague people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, which is what makes it popular among war veterans.

Which is better: hemp or sleeping pills?

All sleeping pills are divided into three groups:

  • benzodiazepines;
  • barbiturates;
  • sedative-hypnotic drugs.

Benzodiazepines are usually used as an anti-anxiety agent. They cause addiction, so they can not be taken for a long time. Due to side effects, benzodiazepines are not suitable for people with muscle weakness and shortness of breath. Barbiturates suppress the central nervous system and relax muscles. They are used to treat anxiety disorder, depression, and insomnia. In a high dose, they are deadly and addictive.

New drugs form addiction much less often, but they all have side effects: from burning and tingling in the limbs to numbness of the arms and legs the day after administration.

Consumption of hemp, on the contrary, leads to minimal undesirable consequences. Cannabinoids do not cause physical dependence and tolerance. Employees of the Canadian medical clinic Canabo argue that cannabinoids THC and CBD are safe for humans, even with prolonged use.

Patients quickly develop addiction to sleeping pills, so they increase the dose, which often leads to intoxication and addiction. Cannabis is considered a more effective and harmless remedy for long-distance sleep disturbances. However, hemp treatment should be supervised by a doctor who can select the optimal cannabis variety and dosage for a particular person.

At the moment, there is a large number of goods based on CBD. If you wish, you can even purchase cbd gummies that can be given to children in order to prevent many diseases. So you can certainly do everything necessary in order to protect them from various diseases and improve their immunity. CBD is completely safe and has nothing to do with the psychotropic effects of hemp. It is customary to use it in a variety of situations, so such a drug will be an excellent option for any person. Now it can be purchased in various variations, which can be used for both external and internal use.