How to find a man on the Internet

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How to find a man on the Internet

How many men have you met at work, on the street, in transport? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds? How many men have you met and talked to? And so far you have not met the only one… It’s okay, life goes on. So you have thought over your image, made and selected photos, filled out a questionnaire on the site, and started searching. It would seem that the process has been launched and we only have to wait for the results. This is the biggest mistake women make when trying to get acquainted with someone through the Internet. There are thousands of questionnaires on the site, and you can wait for years to be noticed and paid attention. The Internet is not a lottery or a magic country where your wishes are fulfilled by yourself, but only an opportunity to expand the range of search from a narrow circle of local singles near me to the level of world scale.

Browse catalogs more often, they are constantly updated. And if you like a man, send a virtual card or write a letter. After all, it does not take much time and does not oblige you to anything. Of course, there is no guarantee that all men will answer you. But the more men you pay attention to, the more chances you will have to find your “half”. It’s better to choose for yourself than to wait for someone to choose you.

Compliments for the man

Women know exactly what a man should be like: strong, confident and independent. So, there is no point in inventing compliments and praise at every step. This is a mistake. Women, armed with the postulate that the path to their heart lies exclusively “through the ears”, that is, through compliments, are somehow sure that men are humiliated by such a form of attention. In fact, 99 men out of 100, no matter how confident they may seem, simply crave approval on a subconscious level.

But if for women a compliment is an extra excuse to show off and savor a few flattering words about your beloved, then for men it is a reason to act. And here the compliment acquires a truly magical power. There is no need for any magic potion or conspiracy: a timely said and well-designed compliment can turn the last lazy one into a Terminator. And all because strong men can’t live without the “feed” of approval and admiration. All the more so because a compliment is not a lie at all. It is just a slight exaggeration of virtues. It is especially relevant during communication on dating site for women.

The tone with which you give a compliment is also important. Masculine childish flair is valued by men much less than, for example, an intimate voice intended for him alone. Irony is by no means acceptable, and women do not understand why we often put on the praise addressed to their loved one. Another common mistake: many ladies go overboard with compliments, wasting them on occasion and without. They should be said only for the cause. Otherwise, the beloved (unless, of course, he is a round fool) will soon stop believing them and the praise will lose its magical power.

To make a compliment “work”, it wouldn’t hurt to know the character and habits of the one to whom it is intended. It is very important to determine what qualities are most important for this particular man. Maybe to nail him is a common thing and a habit. But in culinary art, he is not so strong and the fact that you noticed his success in this area is very important for him. But there are also common regularities. For example, for any man, the evaluation of his professional qualities is very important. 

Men usually compliment a woman about her beauty, ability to cook, receive guests, breed flowers, that is, praise her for her purely feminine qualities. Women should also remember: a man should compliment only on the theme of “male” qualities.