Rules and strategies for playing mini roulette

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Rules and strategies for playing mini roulette

It should be recognized that roulette has long established itself as the most popular game in many casinos. One might even say that it is the symbol of any gambling establishment. Indeed, the rather old game is still holding on to its wave of popularity to this day. However, times are changing, including the game itself. Now a new version of everyone’s favorite pastime is gaining momentum, namely mini roulette. As you probably already knew from the name, the wheel in this version has a smaller size. This leads to other conditions, as well as strategies and methods. If you want to find a casino where you can play roulette, you should first explore canadian online casino reviews here

The basics of mini roulette rules

To begin with, let’s look at the most eye-catching detail, namely the wheel. In mini roulette, it consists of 13 sectors, from 0 to 12, respectively. By the way, it is 2 times less in our usual types of roulette. The American one has 38, and the European one has 37. In some sense, mini roulette resembles the French roulette, because in case of 0 (zero), the player gets back 50% of the bet. But what really distinguishes it from the well-known standard varieties is the absence of all sorts of limits on bets – a great opportunity, if you decide to play for “big”. However, the lack of limits does not mean that the bets themselves are different from the classic ones, namely:

  • split – 2 neighboring numbers;
  • street – 3 numbers in a row;
  • corner – in the middle between 4 numbers;
  • sixers – betting on 6 numbers;
  • column – 1 of 3 columns;
  • a bet on colors (red or black);
  • bet on the more/less
  • odd/even.

Game strategy in mini roulette

It should be remembered at once, that in mini roulette, you should stick to the strategy that provides compensation of 50% of bets if a “zero” falls. Such a narrow choice in the strategy is due to the fact that the benefit casinos in this case is 7.69% and this is the worst indicator relative to the player. Using the above strategy, you reduce this figure to 3.85% – a very decent figure.

Also, if you are a supporter of such systems as Martingale or LaBoucher, you will love the absence of the betting limit. Systems operate on the principle of negative progression and increased limits or their absence is a great find for the gambler. All because even losing a lot, the player simply does not reach the betting limit. However, do not forget to keep track of your bankroll, without the funds the game can not continue.

Should I play mini roulette or not?

If you get hung up on the casino advantage in roulette, you may never get started. At any online casino you’ll find more lucrative games. But there is a big “but”. Adhering to the above tips enjoyment of the game will turn into a means of increasing your wallet. In addition, the mini-roulette is still quite fresh and you just do not have time to get bored.

Roulette is played by people with different temperaments. They may prefer different betting limits and strategies. This game does not leave anyone indifferent. Someone has the opportunity to make a big bet without worrying about the possibility of losing. But what do those whose finances are more modest, and they want to spend maximum time at the magic wheel? 

The very rules of roulette say that the casino has an undeniable and unchanging advantage over the player. No strategy will not break this rule. In addition, many strategies involve a significant increase in rates after losing. Such techniques only lead to rapid ruin. If you don’t want to lose your money, you can also consider free slots canada