The Absolute 5 Best Baby Foods That Support Early Growth Stages

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The Absolute 5 Best Baby Foods That Support Early Growth Stages

As a parent, making sure that your baby gets the nutrition and sustenance they need is a full-time job! On top of that- nutritional guidelines and recommendations for breast milk, formula, and solids are always changing. 

Parents should take solace in that babies have historically eaten and drank a LOT of different things at various ages. Remember the condensed milk and Karo syrup days? Our parents are fine, our parent’s parents are fine, but now we know better. 

The best baby foods have high nutritional content, are easy to eat, and will provide support in the early growth stages.

Introducing the Best Baby Foods at the Best Time

It is now recommended that baby’s do not get solid foods until 4 months old. Early exposure after this point is thought to help prevent food allergies later. 

There are certain signs of readiness, like leaning forward for food or being able to sit assisted. It is really best that you discuss introducing foods with your pediatrician before giving baby food. 

Most doctors will not advise meat or dairy products in the early days in order to avoid unnecessary reactions. Even with the following best baby foods for early development, it is best to follow instructions to observe, maintain, or avoid allergic reactions. 

1. Avocado

Not only for toast!

Avocado punches a protein content unlike any of its fellow fruit friends (yes, its somehow considered a fruit despite being categorized as a vegetable by the USDA). 

A ripe avocado will peel and mash easily, making it a perfect first food for baby.

A tip to the wise- avocados are high in fat (monounsaturated- it’s ok!), so a little will go a long way.  

2. Carrots

You’ve probably heard the age-old tale that carrots help your eyesight. It’s true!

Carrots are full of vitamin A which provides the tools for healthy vision- but also growing big and strong! Just what the baby needs. 

They’re perfect for baby’s first foods: boil and puree to give the baby a sweet and nutritional meal! 

3. Bananas

Babies go bananas for bananas! For real though, bananas have the carbohydrates and fiber your baby requires to grow big and strong. 

They love the sweet taste of bananas, and it’s super simple to prepare. No cooking necessary- mash away!

4. Broccoli

Broccoli has a lot to offer baby nutritionally: fiber, iron, vitamins A and C. A perfect source of nutrition! 

If you haven’t noticed, babies like sweet foods- broccoli is not sweet. If your baby is making a face while eating the steamed veggies, mix with a sweeter fruit or vegetable. Pureed apple pairs well! 

5. Sweet Potato

Yum! Sweet potatoes! We love sweet potato, so why wouldn’t a baby? 

They are among the perfect first foods for baby- nutritious and naturally sweet! Vitamins, potassium, and fiber make this a baby superfood!

Boil the potatoes and make a puree. If this is one of the baby’s first solids, you can thin the puree out with breastmilk or a recommended formula, like hipp organic formula. 

Everyone Could Use a Little Guidance as a Parent 

It is so essential to start your baby’s nutrition off right, and we’ve shown you some of the best baby foods to do that with.

No baby yet or is baby due to arrive soon? Why not start nutrition in-utero?

You’ll have a lot of questions as a new parent, and we are here to answer them -and ask the important ones with you! We are here for you with guidance every step of the way.