Tiger Woods Plays Golf; He’s Not Negotiating World Peace

18.02.2009 Off By alternative-me
Tiger Woods Plays Golf; He’s Not Negotiating World Peace

Am I the only person in the world who couldn’t care less what is going on in Tiger Woods’ personal life?  Am I the only one who thinks that it’s none of my business?

I mean, it’s not like he’s mis-using taxpayer (your and my) money to make out of town/state/country trips to see “call girls” and mistresses. He’s not some hypocritical lawmaker preaching morality legislation while getting caught propositioning gay prostitutes in airport men’s bathrooms nor is he running for President and having a love child with his publicist while his wife recovers from cancer or something like that.

Tiger Woods is just a celebrity golf player, an “athlete”.  His personal life affects no one beyond his family and the women he cheated with.  He really has no obligations to anyone else and no one else really needs to be informed of all of the seedy details.

He’s not a world famous neurosurgeon; he’s on on the brink of discovering the cure to cancer; he is unlikely to negotiate peace in the Middle East or even convince the Democrats and Republicans to compromise on a Healthcare bill while President Obama is in office.   There really doesn’t need to be all this fuss about how his marital strife might affect his work.  It’s golf.

December 11th, the night I was stuck in the hospital when I had my appendix removed, the big story on all of the news channels was Tiger Woods infidelity.  They brought it up every 20 minutes.  Why???

With yesterday’s press conference where Tiger apologized to his fans for letting them down, the media again are busy calling in “experts” to speculate what the public are thinking.  On talking head on CNN had two “experts” come on to discuss how men and women would be receiving the message differently.  What annoyed me was the fact that no one ever bothered to consider the thought that maybe many women, especially those who don’t care for golf, don’t care.

In fact, some of us don’t care who Jennifer Anniston is dating or what Paris Hilton is doing or who the Kardassians are or what happened to Jon and Kate or any of the Real Housewives from Atlanta or New Jersey or wherever they are now.  I actually suspect that most of us don’t care about any of them.

Or is it just me?