My pen name is J. Lynne.

I am a displaced Southern big city girl from New Orleans living in a semi-rural town in Maine.

By day I am a Systems Integration Specialist; all of my brilliant work is done for the benefit of healthcare IT — my mother is and great-grandmother was a nurse, but this is my way of caring for people without having to be in the actual room with the blood or gory, oozy bits.

By night I am your blog hostess and “mom” to a high-maintenance but precious Pug and two extremely mental cats.

Alternative Me is the chronicle of my metamorphosis as I endevour to overcome some  personal challenges and obstacles over the next year or so.  I aim to undertake a life makeover — body, mind, and soul.  I want to exand and enrich my mind, lighten my soul, and bring health and fitness to my body.

Other interesting facts about me:

  • Religiously, I am an open-minded Christian, who believes that there is more than one path to God, and that the modern-day Bible was written and compiled by men and politicians with agendas that didn’t always have to do with the truth.
  • Politically, I am a registered Independent who believes in fiscal conservatism, liberal socialism, and isolationism.
  • Although I bought my house in November 2006 and I finally got my dining room table last year, I still have no dining room chairs.  I also have a only the box springs mattress for the guest bed.
  • I am a Pescetarian — that’s someone who follows a semi-vegetarian diet in such that I follow the laco-ovo vegetarian diet with an edition of seafood and fish.
  • I have been officially diagnosed with IgA Nephrology, chronic migraines, chronic insomnia, chronic depression, anxiety, arthritis, gastroparesis, and some more unfun stuff.  My immune system is extremely compromised.
  • I believe in ghosts and supernatural spirits but I do not believe extra-terrestrials. have visited the planet…yet.  Plus, I’m far more afraid of the extra-terrestrials.