Barcode: who needs eyebrow microblading?

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Barcode: who needs eyebrow microblading?

The solution for the lazy and those who feel sorry for time and effort is a technique that allows you to extend the durability of eyebrow makeup for a couple of years.


Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow colour correction for one to three years. It is in many ways similar to the classic eyebrow tattoo, but it also has significant differences.

What is the difference between eyebrow microblading and tattooing?

Eyebrow microblading is a much less traumatic procedure for the skin compared to classic tattooing. The thin blades in the microblading machine do not hurt the skin like a tattoo machine, so it does not turn red or swell after the session. Plus, the process itself is less painful. After the procedure, a barely noticeable film forms on the skin, which peels off after 4–5 days. It is where the troubles end. Another essential advantage of microblading is that the result looks more natural. Powder brows near me.


Before microblading, you need to decide what type of procedure you will be doing.

In European microblading, the hairs drawn with the same thickness and length and at the same distance.

In oriental microblading, each hair is drawn separately depending on the shape of your eyebrows.

The oriental technique is now more popular as it provides a more natural result.


The main advantage of microblading is a natural result, which is impossible with tattooing. The machine used by masters for microblading vibrates and does not allow drawing such clear and thin lines: it “hammers” the pigment into the skin so that ultimately the eyebrows seem to be drawn by hand with a marker.

There is only one drawback in microblading: you need to correct it a month after the procedure. In 40 minutes, the appearance of eyebrows will buy to the ideal, returning the pigment to the skin, which will come off along with the film.  the result remains on the eyebrows from one to three years, depending on individual characteristics of the skin.


First, you need to decide whether this procedure is vital for you. Erase, wash off the result will not work – you will have to wait 2-3 years! This technique allows you to correct apparent imperfections related to the shape, length, width of the eyebrows. If they once plucked to the strings and now want to return to their natural look, microblading is an obvious solution. The same procedure will help if the eyebrows are naturally asymmetric (we have described how to correct this defect with the help of makeup here). All the pros and cons must be considered and weighed before signing up to the master.


The procedure has contraindications, which you must familiarize yourself with before carrying it out. If the following points apply to you, it is better to refuse microblading:

  • pregnancy,
  • menstruation,
  • diabetes,
  • diseases in the inflammatory stage,
  • allergy to colouring pigment,
  • hypersensitivity.

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Microblading is a pretty serious procedure, so it is important to remember several requirements before performing it.

What should not do before eyebrow microblading?

Alcohol should not consume a couple of days before microblading. On X-day, you should refuse products containing caffeine, as well as fast food and other junk food. By the way, before microblading, it is better not to pluck eyebrows a week or two – neither on your own nor in the salon. Before taking up the apparatus for drawing eyebrows, the master himself will correct the shape as needed, remove excess hairs and bring the eyebrows into the “correct” state.


During eyebrows microblading, a special apparatus used that looks like a pen. Instead of a rod, it contains several fragile blades (less than 0.2 mm thick). This pen allows the artisan to draw the most delicate lines on the skin that look like natural hairs. After a two-hour procedure, the eyebrows turn into thick, voluminous, “filled”. And they look as natural as possible: with a well-performed approach, it is almost impossible to recognize the intervention of a cosmetologist.


For about a week, eyebrows should be practically not wetted, even during water procedures. It is also impossible to apply cosmetics to the eyebrows. You should also avoid active exposure to the sun’s rays and limit physical activity. After the procedure, the film that appears on the skin cannot remove – even if you want to exfoliate it gently. And it would help if you did not plan to microblading your eyebrows before a vacation: in any case, you will have to give up the pool, bath and beach.