Buyers choose Mallorca

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Buyers choose Mallorca

Recently, the number of foreigners wishing to purchase accommodation in Mallorca has increased significantly. Properties on the island are the most popular among the British, but residents of other European countries are also interested. And this is not a surprise, as visitors can not only enjoy the beach, but also enjoy sightseeing and sports activities. According to the results of the vote held by the Spanish tourism association Exceltur, the administrative center of the island – the city of Palma – is among the top five tourist centers in Spain.

The annual passenger traffic through the airport “Sant Juan Song” is about 21 million people. During the summer time, its traffic is much higher than at other Spanish airports. The airlines are constantly creating new routes in order to meet the needs of the growing number of passengers flying in this direction. Many holidaymakers arrive on the island and by sea. In 2010, the port of Palma received about 500 cruise ships with a total number of 1.3 million visitors. Consequently, port management had to begin renovating the berth to accommodate up to 5 ships at a time.

According to official information, property sales in the Balearic Islands have recently increased by 145%. In addition, the second highest average price for real estate in Spain was recorded here. On the islands there is a tendency to equalize prices, which makes them more acceptable. The company Taylor Wimpey de España begins construction of two residential areas in the north and south-west of the island. The level of these complexes will meet the most refined needs of buyers. 

Mallorca is a popular rental property with a right of redemption

Because of the unstable economic situation, many property owners in Mallorca can not sell their homes. Potential buyers are increasingly choosing to rent a home before deciding to buy it. Rent with the right of redemption has become popular among those who have not yet accumulated enough money or just not in a hurry to part with the money in the crisis. It is also beneficial to the owners themselves, who can benefit from the property even before it is sold.

The main trend in the Mallorca real estate market is the desire of buyers for a unique design, filigree execution of external and internal finishing. The most important factor to consider when buying – good location and panoramic views. According to the agency representatives, their foreign clients are ready to pay any money for architectural delights and beautiful views from the window.

If you want to buy property in Mallorca, you must first find a reliable company that can help. The company is professionally involved in the support of real estate transactions. Experienced professionals will help you find the perfect property and will do everything you need to collect the documents. As a result, you will be able to buy exactly the type of real estate that will interest you.

Buying property in Mallorca is a great option for people who are used to investing their money properly. Real estate in these places is constantly growing in value, so you can safely invest your money and count on a steady growth of capital. This will help you to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue and discover new interesting markets. With the support of professional companies, buying property in Mallorca became very easy. If you approach the right way to search and buy real estate, the result is sure to get great results. Investing money in real estate is always a good idea, especially when it has a good status in the international market.