How to choose binoculars for hunting

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How to choose binoculars for hunting

Hunting binoculars are a necessary and very useful thing. It helps to see the remote object in conditions of poor visibility, helps to navigate the terrain, choose the route, search for game at a great distance. Binoculars for hunting thing is really indispensable. In order for binoculars to become your reliable helper in hunting, not an unnecessary burden, it must be chosen correctly.

The choice of binoculars is not an easy task, because from the large range of available binoculars you need to choose the binoculars suitable for your parameters and requirements, and on the other hand, you need to meet the budget, which you can spend on buying binoculars. Professional advice on how to choose binoculars for hunting will help you to orientate yourself in a wide range of such devices. From the very beginning, the hunter needs to decide what he needs binoculars for, what kind of hunting he needs it for, where and how he will use it. Having defined with these moments the hunter will consciously choose parameters and characteristics of his future binoculars for hunting.

Characteristics of binoculars for hunting

When we are going to buy binoculars in a store or on the site, we face a huge selection of different models, and each model of binoculars has its own characteristics, which are difficult for a simple hunter to understand. Let’s try to understand some of the features that will help you choose the best binoculars for deer hunting.

Magnification of binoculars for deer hunting

The Magnification binoculars show how much it magnifies remote objects. Many hunters, when choosing binoculars for hunting, try to buy binoculars with maximum magnification, but the pursuit of excessive magnification is a mistake. Firstly, in most situations, such binoculars are uncomfortable to use, because of the shaking hands the image shakes without giving you a look at what you need. Secondly, large magnification binoculars are usually accompanied by large size binoculars and its high weight, such binoculars you are tormented to carry around the forest, touching them by trees and bushes.

Choose magnification binoculars depending on the conditions in which you are hunting. When hunting in the woods, you will have enough magnification of 7-8 times. The distances seen in the forest are small and with 7-8x magnification you will be able to see the deer hiding in the thick foliage. 

The mountainous terrain requires maximum magnification: 12 or more multiple devices are used. Mountain hunting involves huge distances and searching for hunting objects in large areas, so the multiplicity of binoculars is required. Often in mountain hunting with binoculars with high magnification are used tripods on which these binoculars are fixed, to eliminate the tremor of the image. But for deer hunting, of course, this is not the case.

Lens diameter

Choosing binoculars for hunting, it is worth paying attention to the diameter of the lens, it is the second most important parameter of binoculars, after magnification, it affects the angle of view, the aperture of the device, the width of the field of view. The larger the diameter of the lens, the more light enters the binoculars and the brighter and more contrasting the image given by the binoculars. For hunters who anticipate that they will often have to hunt in low light conditions, at night or at dusk, choose binoculars with a large lens diameter. Such binoculars will have excellent light-aperture characteristics and will allow observing difficult lighting conditions.