Installation and repair of electrical wiring

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Installation and repair of electrical wiring

Electrical wiring of the apartment, though invisible, but its importance for the comfortable life of people can not be overestimated. If before there was only a TV set, a refrigerator and sometimes a washing machine in the apartment from electrical appliances, now there are much more. And all these microwave ovens, hoods, personal computers and so on are “fed” by the apartment electrical wiring. It has to be assembled with high quality and using proven materials. If the wiring is already faulty, you will need house electrical repair.

Installation of electrical wiring in the apartment

Before you begin to install, you should carefully calculate the wiring diagram, estimate how many consumables you will need, and so on. Electrical installation work should not be done in stages or in parts. Initially, it is necessary to know what sum you need to have in order to do everything at once. From frequent breaks and transfer of work will be more joints, and this, understandably, very bad.

Installation of wiring in an apartment is done in three ways: open, closed and combined.

  • Closed – applicable, first of all, in new buildings or during major repairs. Dirty and dusty way because of the need to stroke the ceiling and walls.
  • Open – the technology of wiring installation consists in distributing cables through special channels or clips. It is used where the first method is impossible, as well as when there is no desire and time to bother with strolling. These methods of installation of electro conducting have both pluses and minuses. There are cases when it is impossible to use exclusively one of the above-stated variants.
  • Combined method – wiring installation, which implies the use of both methods, where they are most appropriate.

After completing the electrical installation and laying the entire apartment, the only thing left is to connect the socket and lighting part of the electrical wiring to the switchboard. This completes the electrical installation.

Installation of electrical wiring in the apartment, made by a competent specialist, will provide you with a comfortable life in the native walls and get rid of unnecessary worries. These are the specialists who work at If necessary, they will gladly provide you with their services.

Difficulties in installation

Due to the presence of a huge number of household appliances in each modern apartment, the electrical wiring of any home to date has a very large number of electrical outlets. It is necessary to install sockets not only in the kitchen for the refrigerator, but also in offices to connect the desk lamps, computer. In the living room sockets are needed to connect the home theater, and in the bathroom – for washing machine. Even installing and connecting a cooker hob requires access to a socket. All this needs to be calculated during the development phase of an electrical installation plan for your three-room apartment, for example. It is extremely undesirable to make changes when the installation is already started.

Installation of electrical wiring is ideally done in an empty apartment, as the first phase of major repairs. Under such conditions, it is easier to fully apply wiring diagrams. Wiring should be carried out only in parallel or perpendicular to the ceiling and floor. Cutting will not work – perpendicular lines are strictly prohibited. In an empty apartment, it is as easy as possible to follow this rule. The highest quality materials must be used to ensure that the operation of the wiring is less complicated and that the risk of short-circuiting is minimized during installation. The price paid for this will pay off more than once in the future.