Customer Service Essay

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Customer Service Essay

Many students find it difficult to write an essay on customer services, although it is actually not such a terrible task. It is necessary to develop the skill of analysis and the ability to justify your own opinion using the available data and facts.

What is an essay, the essence of the work

An essay is a kind of composition that everyone wrote at school. Perhaps the most difficult thing about this type of work is the originality of ideas and thoughts. As a rule, teachers require a completely original work. An author who writes an essay shows his logic and ability to present information correctly. In most cases, the writing style of this type of independent work is more conversational.

Peculiarities of essay writing

Before taking up writing an essay, it is necessary to get acquainted with the specific features of this type of independent work. The following are the key features of essays.

  • The structure of an essay is based on a rather narrow topic that touches on certain issues and prompts the reader to think.
  • Unlike a composition, which should be as objective as possible, an essay should express the author’s subjective position. The person writing the essay should, in an approximation to a conversational form, share his or her attitude to a certain issue.
  • The narrative style is close to conversational. An essay writer should try to avoid complicated formulations and overly long sentences. To give the text the right emotional tone, it is better to rely on short and simple sentences.
  • Analytical approach. The author should not only express his opinion, but also argue his position, relying on factual material.
  • Conciseness. There is no official limit on the length of the text, but there is an unwritten rule that an essay should be short.
  • Free construction. There is no framework under which the essay should be structured. It is up to the author to determine the order of the essay, proceeding from the author’s own logic and the facts.
  • Logic of exposition. The text should have internal unity, and be consistent with all statements of the author.

The main feature of a customer essay is a special style of narration, the main purpose of which is to force the reader to think about a particular issue.  The author does not impose his point of view on anyone but merely invites the reader to consider it more carefully.

How to write a good essay

To write a good essay, it is important to know and understand all the features of the genre. You can create an interesting essay only if you follow all the principles and recommendations presented below.

Choosing a topic

Usually, teachers give students a list of topics to choose from, and only one needs to be chosen. But, in some colleges, only a general direction, such as customer service, is given and students have to choose a suitable topic on their own.  To choose the right topic, the first thing to do is to determine the audience for the essay. This can be teachers, academic committees or employers. In the case of teachers, it is important to determine in advance by which criteria the text will be evaluated. The author should be competent in the chosen topic, and with the text demonstrate to the examiner such qualities as originality, literacy and professionalism. If the teacher does provide a list of topics, it is better to choose the one in which you have a certain knowledge and which seems most interesting to you. If the role of the examiner is performed by the employer, the author of the essay in the text should reflect such qualities as sincerity, humanity, as well as individuality.

What does the structure of the essay consist of?

  1. Introductory part – an essay is one of the varieties of written works, and all of them, as we know, contain an introductory part or an introduction. The introductory part should interest the reader and make him read the article to the end. The introduction should contain a statement of the problem, a rhetorical question, or a quotation. It is important that the reader immediately understands what the problem is about.
  2. The main body – this section should include several points of view, as well as the history of the problem. As a rule, the main part consists of several sub-paragraphs. These, in turn, consist of three sections: the thesis, rationale and conclusion.
  3. Conclusion – the main task of this section is to summarise the conclusions of each thesis presented in the main body. Everything should be presented in such a way that the reader, based on the arguments presented, comes to a single logical conclusion. If the aim of the introduction is to interest the reader, the main task of the conclusion is to arouse certain emotions in the reader and encourage him to think.

What is customer service? Free essay

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